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sunday morning girl
I'd rather be the girl
waking you up
with coffee
on a Sunday morning,
than keeping you up
with vodka
on a Saturday night
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 97 40
Mona Lisa
those obsessed
with the Mona Lisa's
must never
have witnessed
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 148 49
a year in the rearview mirror
Dear Past Me,
A couple of months from March, you will forget about this book. You only ever wanted to fill it because your sister gave it to you, anyway. One day you will realize that maybe she never treated you right. That’s not really her fault, but you won’t be able to look her in the eyes for the longest time. You still can’t, not really. You’ve started trying to rebuild bridges that you burnt down between you and her, but it’s hard to create when all you have is a box of matches.
You don’t win your poetry competition—you will tell everyone that you knew you had no chance, but you and I both know you’ve seen too many movies to not have wanted the basketball to go through the hoop from the middle of the court with a second left to spare. You will not keep in touch with anyone from the competition. You will say that you do, but you don’t. That’s okay. You’re okay.
You’re more than okay. You’re loved. I know
:iconmisfitablegrae:MisfitableGrae 46 9
in congratulations on your recent nuptials
i have spent the past three nights shaking and
thinking about how many poems i would write if i knew
where to send them. don’t think that i’ve forgotten you,
please, because i promise i haven’t. i still remember how you
take your eggs on saturday and how you make yourself
fall asleep when it’s four a.m. and you don’t want to leave yet.
it’s more than that too, okay, i remember your body,
firm against my body, your voice in my car,
your hair ties around my wrists, your chest rising
and falling with every one of my heartbeats.
you were
all my poems. you were everything significant.
you were my late night tuesdays and the only thing that
got me out of bed on wednesdays.
you were too risky to let go of, you were always
too much to hold.
i’m sorry i don’t know your new address.
but i still have the old one on me somewhere, pressed
into the soles of my feet and the gaps between my teeth.
i remember who we were there, hiding behind
your garden s
:iconmisfitablegrae:MisfitableGrae 72 29
Escape :icontsukiko-kiyomidzu:tsukiko-kiyomidzu 1,239 153
on the definition of beautiful
I wish you could see
the light in your eyes-
those deep brown portals
that wake me up
like morning coffee,
accompanied by
that saccharine smile
I wish you could hear
the passion in your voice
when you talk
about something you love,
or the tenderness in it
when you first wake up-
an emollient blanket,
it consumes me
I wish you could feel
the splendor
in your aura-
I've never drank,
but I swear it must
be imbued with wine,
for I'm intoxicated by you
I wish you could espy
yourself as I do,
so you could understand
how beautiful
I see you.
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 154 46
Christmas :iconjoe-roberts:Joe-Roberts 497 52
dear sarah,
i wonder
if sometimes you can still feel the weight of your bed sheet
around your neck. heaven knows there were days i could count every thread.
last night i was cleaning up my desk, and i found the scissors
i used to crack my skin open four years ago
and when i went to throw them out, it felt like moving mountains
or graves. if you don’t know yet, you’ll learn that some types of grief
leave scars—some ghosts don’t know how to stay buried.
you will stumble through the rest of your life wondering if you will
one day forget how it feels to toe the edge of the cliff and turn the other way.
the answer is no. there is a precipice. there will always
be a precipice. a part of you will always want to throw yourself
over the edge. somehow, you never will. no one will notice.
to them, your race is over. you have cleared the last hurdle.
you have gone one month, three months, six months, a year without
turning your blue blood red. you have won your war. congrat
:iconmisfitablegrae:MisfitableGrae 220 34
how to love someone
I grow distraught at the thought
that my words will turn cloy
under the weight of the waterfall
imbued with my saccharine sentences;
as my feelings cascade like a velveteen curtain,
the ineffable emotions cover you like a coat-
they continue to fervently flow,
and become foamy pearls and pebbles
pooling by your feet
I know these waves of water
won’t steal the breath from your lungs,
but rather fill the riverine veins
traveling towards the tributary
of your awaiting heart,
and for this-
I’d rather drown you in affection,
than have a drought.
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 127 29
your poem
you tell me on a thursday that you can’t find
the god inside of yourself anymore, that
you think that you are finally
too much honeycomb and not enough human
because lately everything has been slipping
through your fingers, and you don’t know how you can
keep holding yourself together anymore.
if today is the day that you look
at the stars and you no longer
feel their burn beneath your bones,
i will show you the blanket i tried to make
when i was eight, and i will tell you all i know
about the string theory, which isn’t much, i admit,
but i do know the basics,
and that’s that everything in the universe
is composed of strings that somehow
loop onto each other infinitely.
so whenever you feel like you’re
walking a tightrope without a safety
net below you, know that you are
thousands of tightropes strung together,
and one fall will not kill you.
i have never told you about the way
i can feel my pulse skitter to a stop
in my wrists whenever i hear you laughing
:iconmisfitablegrae:MisfitableGrae 163 32
Lost :icontsukiko-kiyomidzu:tsukiko-kiyomidzu 1,022 201 Blackout :icontsukiko-kiyomidzu:tsukiko-kiyomidzu 637 111
umbrella boy
I'm barefoot on the asphalt-
rain turns the roads
to rivulets
I'm swimming down
the stream to reach you,
but can't paddle
very fast
and I know the rain won't harm me,
nor will the skies of gray
but come here
and hold me tightly-
be my
umbrella boy
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 70 36
there are galaxies in your eyes
There's a universe
inside of you-
it's been there quite a while,
and I only hope
you see the constellations
that scintillate in your smile
and I've heard
there's billions of galaxies
scattered in the sky,
but I swear
at least half of them
are resting in your eyes.
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 268 84
Fallen Powerless :iconmoonsstorm:MoonSStorm 18 5 Castiel :iconmoonsstorm:MoonSStorm 140 15


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  • Reading: Biology notes
    Sometimes, you just miss people.

    You know how it is, when people change and you just miss the way they used to be. Or, when things change and you miss the way they used to be. You somehow manage to convince yourself that everything will get better in time, and you manage to pretend that this one individual person means nothing to you anymore, when in reality, they used to hold so much meaning in your life. 

    Maybe none of you can relate to this. Maybe some of you can. People walk in and out of your life regardless if you want them to stay or not. Whether it was a best friend, a parent, a sibling, cousin, other relative, significant other, coworker, etc, etc. Sometimes you just miss them, and how it all was once before. Like, how can you not miss the looking at each other and knowing exactly what they're thinking just by the look on their face? How can you not miss the way you guys used to stay up until late night (or early morning) coming up with your own theories on how life was created, what happens after death, and so on? How can you not miss knowing someone like the back of your hand? All their weird quirks and flaws and just.. well everything. How can one not miss that?

    How does it feel knowing that there's just this person, standing only a couple feet down the hall, that once would take a bullet for you? And how does it feel knowing that if you did get shot, all they could possibly do is send their condolences to your family members? Well I'll tell you, it feels weird, and even a bit sad.

    I once had this friend that I knew like the back of my hand. I knew all their flaws and quirks, and I could literally say this person was crazy-insane with a smile on my face. They always knew how to make me laugh, we never fought and we were always together. We had been friends for a relatively long time. And then this really stupid thing happened, that brought out both our true colors, and the friendship abruptly ended. It wasn't much of a mutual agreement. It just kind of happened as they just kind of dropped off the earth for a couple days. It's done and over with now, but sometimes... sometimes I still miss them.

    It was clear for me to see that this person could be extremely manipulative when they wanted to be, and that it was a kind of toxic relationship that I had going on here. When we did get into fights, which wasn't really often, they never apologized when they were in the wrong and things just got brushed under the rug. Sometimes they'd even switch it around so it seemed like I did the bad thing and I should be the one apologizing.

    Now, I'm not trying to make it seem like this person is a terrible human being. No. It's just, this person and I were really close and I did consider them to be my best friend of all time, and it took so long to see this side of them. It was quite shocking. I've also realized that I had grown negative opinions with people, who I've started talking to recently and they're not bad people at all, because this person had negative feelings for them. Now, that's not that person's fault. But my own because they had greatly influenced who I was. 

    As you all can tell, I have quite a lot to say about this person in negative terms, but it's because I've dwelled on the negative for so long. I'm going to admit, I haven't been the nicest to this person since we've stopped being friends. Rumors go around about this person all the time, and I sometimes have things to say which aren't very positive. And sometimes I'd love to see the social collapse of this individual, as we have the same friends. I hope sometimes that our mutual friends could see how manipulative and how much of an asshole this person can be. But I am in the process of trying to get over these things. Grudges are terrible to have and I never really thought I could hold a grudge so long, seeming it's been months since our friendship collapse. (almost a year). I'm working on it.

    I don't miss the negativity of our friendship obviously, but the good parts. This person always seemed to be in the things I was into. We liked the same movies, music, TV shows, etc. etc. We could look at each other and know exactly what the other one was thinking. And it wasn't rare for one of us to be over at the other's house. We gossiped, and shared everything... well mostly everything. I miss being able to theorize story ideas when we'd be reading the same book, discussing great tv show endings that we came up with, being absolutely in love with the same fictional characters. It was great. This person was always full of crazy and interesting ideas, when they didn't want to spend the entire day on their IPad. And they were insanely pretty. 

    It was never really a dull moment. We just had grown so close.. and then it just kind of got tossed into the shredder. And I mean, I have other friends. Great friends actually. But I barely hang out with them like I hung out with my used-to-be best friend. I feel as if I'll never really have a best friend like that again. I mean, maybe that's not a completely terrible thing, as it's clear to me now some parts of this friendship were incredibly rotted. But holding onto the good memories makes me miss the way things used to be. Letting go of the good memories makes me angry and upset with this person who used to be my best friend, as the negative seeps back in. I find now that when someone does us wrong, it's easy to forgive and harder to forget. It almost seems impossible. But I have faith it's not. 

    It can be incredibly hard to get over losing someone. From death, a situation like mine, or other reasons that I can't exactly relate to at this moment in time. But we have to learn to be able to let bad things go and try to be positive and attempt to still be great humans. To be able to smile a genuine smile at the people who have wronged us, to not be as miserable as we may have been before... To find the better things in life. It may be difficult, but with a clear head and good intentions, maybe it's not as challenging as we make it out to be. 

    Well, This is the end of my little-long ramble for the night.. even though i'm supposed to be studying for biology.. ^^;
Goodnight my lovelies, and I hope you have a great day tomorrow!



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